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Batman Damned: Book 2 Review

Brian Azzarello (Author) • Lee Bermejo (Pencils-Cover)

Jim Lee & Alex Sinclair (Variant Cover) • Jared K. Fletcher (Letterer)

DC Comics (Publisher) Get it now - Amazon

My biggest problem with the first issue was that aside from the controversial "Dick Pic" the comic was pretty tame and didn't justify the Adult label. It could have been just other vertigo book and felt right at home.

This is more like it.

This issue is intense and has the look and feel of an R Rated Batman experience. The art is simply stunning. There aren't too many artists in the same league as Lee Bermejo and this issue is a perfect representation of what he is capable of.

The stories focus has also been tightened since the last issue. Batman doesn't believe that Joker truly is dead an continues his investigation. He is joined by John Constantine. Etrigan the Demon, Enchantress, and Deadman are also along for the ride.

There is a running subplot relating to the troubles within Bruce's parents marriage that add character to Bruce and why he handles situations in the manner that he does.

All of these tidbits combined with the cinematic quality of the artistry make this issue the perfect representation of what DC's Black Label can be.

The ending encounter is just as shocking as the nude panel from the last issue but in this instance, it feels integral to the plot as opposed to a throwaway moment that never felt justified.

Batman Damned exceeds all expectations and I can't wait to see how this story concludes. It makes a strong case for single issue of 2018.

Rating: A

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