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Catwoman #4 Review

Joelle Jones (Author) • Joelle Jones & Fernando Blanco (Pencils)

• Joelle Jones & Laura Allred (Cover Artists) •Stanley Lau (Variant Cover)

• Laura Allred & John Kalisz (Colorist) • DC Comics (Publisher)

Catwoman is a very hit and miss character for me. I can only really stand her depending on the writer. With Tom King being the primary writer of Catwoman for the past few years I naturally pivoted to the new series as he had a great voice for the character and I began to find her more tolerable.

Catwoman #4 moves back and forth between past and present events. In the present Selina visits her sister Maggie. Maggie has been institutionalized after her Black Mask murdered her husband and tortured her to the point where she lost her mind.

Selina recounts past events with her sister, meeting her husband and a kid from bullies at gunpoint when they were children. Salinas guilt permeates the entire issue. The comic ends as the hospital staff enter the room as Catwoman moves to the shadows to observe what happens next.

There's nothing functionally wrong with this comic. We get a pretty tragic backstory for Maggie. There is also a bit of character development for selina.

Outside of that nothing really happens the script is fine. The art is beautiful. The issue just didn't connect for me. The comic isn't bad. I think the problem is that this is clearly a filler issue. The $3.99 for total filler material doesn't sit well with me. Not enough real estate is covered. Although I don't have any problems with the actual comic I can't recommend the issue outside of it being collected in trade.

Rating: C

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