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Damage #9 Review

Robert Venditti (Author) • Aaron Lopresti (Pencils)

Trevor Hairsine & Rain Beredo (Cover Artists) • Hi-FI (Colorist)

DC Comics (Publisher) • Get it now - Amazon

Damage #9 is essentially an all-out action end to the current story Arc. Damage and The Unknown Soldier battle against Colonel Jonas and her forces and do so in glorious fashion.

There isn't really much pathos to the story. The star of this comic are the pencils from Aaron Lopresti and colors from HI-FI. Hopefully, the story moves along and we get more character development for Damage beyond his being hounded by government forces. I get that the character started as a Hulk clone but he has a lot of potentials to move beyond the initial setup.

The art is great and every shot of Damage in this comic is appropriately epic. The downside is that some of the backgrounds for this issue are shoddy and contrast heavily against other backgrounds that are really detailed by comparison.

Minor hiccups aside the issue is fun. Robert moves the story along and gives us enough to not feel let down.

Rating B

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