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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #87 Review

Tom Waltz (Author) • Dave Wachter (Pencils-Cover)

Rhonda Pattison (Colorist) • IDW (Publisher)

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When the end of the year list is compiled of greatest or scariest villains It would be remiss if Agent Bishop doesn't make the cut. The guy is probably the most amoral character I've seen in recent years. He's evil to the point of parody but it's not funny and I genuinely worry about any of our heroes if Bishop gets his hands on them.

Issue #87 continues with the rapidly escalating conflict between the EPF (Earth Protection Force) and the combined might of the Triceratons and Ultrons.

The turtles teleport into the middle of the conflict and attempt to confront Bishop directly as he is in control of a living WMD, Slash. The plan goes well until it becomes apparent that Agent Bishop isn't quite human.

The cover for the issue hints at what the reveal will be but it doesn't quite lessen the impact of seeing Bishop tanking killing blows and gunshots from the TMNT and Mutanimals. All of this is wonderfully rendered by Dave Wachter and Rhonda Pattison.

The B plot of the story is that while the fight is going on Ch'Rell, a Krang loyalist is released from stasis in an attempt to turn the tide of the conflict. He puts together a group and winds up entering the fray at the end.

There is a metric ton of action in this issue and I thoroughly enjoy seeing this war play out and the stakes continually raised. It's hard to imagine that we will come out of the next issue without seeing casualties.

Rating A

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