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The Silencer #8 Review

Dan Abnett (Author) • Patch Zircher (Pencils) • Viktor Bogdanovic, Jonathan Glapion, Romulo Fajardo, Jr. (Cover Artists)

Mike Spicer (Colorist) • DC Comics (Publisher)

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The Silencer is one of the most frustrating comics on the shelves in 2018. One month it will be the best comic in your pull list. The next month it is stuck in limbo consumed by the problems that have been there since the series inception.

In this issue Honor Guest and her family finally arrive at their vacation destination. She quickly breaks away to continue her search for Talia Al Ghul's whereabouts.

The investigation is split between Silencers search and Mr. Quietus. He's another member of the Leviathan's organization. Quietus ends up being betrayed by his team and is also looking for Talia.

Eventually the two encounter each other and a huge battle ensues. As the fight roars along it becomes abundantly clear that the events are being influenced by unseen forces and the issue ends on a huge cliffhanger.

The Silencer/Leviathan portions of this comic are great. Quietus is a certified badass and his power-set seems to be just as interesting as Honor Guest. The art in this issue continues the trend of being impressive and the standout scene is Quietus's fight against his employees. Patch Zircher really earned his paycheck this issue. The battles are excellent and Honor is pretty friggin hot in a bathing suit. Mike Spicer gets a lot to work with this issue and the art direction is flawless.

The problem with this issue and the series overall is that whenever Silencer drops into her civilian persona I feel like my intelligence is being insulted.

I'm a married guy with kids. I don't know any husband that would allow his wife to disappear as often as Honor does with little or no explanation. The fact that this never comes up at all completely undermines the credibility of the situation. In fact, if the family element of the series was completely removed the story would flow so much better. It's sad, I really want to love this series more than I do.

Rating: C

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