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The Batman Who Laughs #1 Review

Scott Snyder (Author) • Jock (Pencils) • Jock (Cover Artist)

Greg Capullo & FCO PlascenciaDavid Baron (Colorist)

DC Comics (Publisher) • Get it now (Amazon)

The Batman Who Laughs is the highly anticipated series from Scott Snyder & Jock which focuses on the Batman turned Joker from Dark Knights Metal. The comic is entertaining but I couldn't help but feel that this one doesn't quite live up to the hype.

The comic opens with Batman in the middle of breaking up a heist. In the aftermath of the scene, Batman finds a corpse of himself. Upon investigation, Bruce comes to the conclusion that the Batman Who Laughs has returned.

While the investigation is happening there an attempt on the Jokers life in Arkham. Fortunately for Joker, he escaped a couple days prior and the stand in within the cell was murdered.

Upon returning to the Batcave Batman finds the Joker stowed away. There's a twist and the comic ends on a huge cliffhanger and a lot of questions going forward.

I enjoyed this comic. This is a lot of action and actual detective work on Batman's part which is a good sign for the series.

The knock on the comic is the art direction. I'm not a fan of Jock's art style. It could grow on me depending on the direction of the series. The colors are all washed out which combined with the pencils lead to bland aesthetic throughout the issue.

The book is creepy but the atmosphere doesn't feel as creepy as it could be. While reading I kept getting the feeling that an artist like Bill Sienkiewicz would absolutely crush this.

Batman & Joker by Bill Sienkiewicz

Beyond the gripes, the premise is unique and interesting. There appears to be a potential Batman/Joker team-up looming. I have no idea where the story is going and despite my qualms with the art direction the foundation for this story is solid.

Rating: B

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