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Green Lantern #2 Review

Grant Morrison (Author) • Liam Sharp (Pencils)

• Liam Sharp & Steve Oliff (Cover Artists)

Francesco Mattina (Variant Cover) • Steve Oliff (Colorist)

DC Comics (Publisher) • Get it now (Amazon)

I wasn't excited walking into this issue. The art was great but I was pretty much resigned to the fact that I'm not the biggest Green Lantern fan and that this would probably be my last issue.

I'm happy to report that this comic is just as good as the first issue and that the charm of the characters and setting are beginning to win me over.

I'm a fan of western's and procedural crime dramas and this series walks the line between both. From scene to scene Hal Jordan walks about with the heroic swagger of John Wayne but is a bit of an asshole and it's hard to pin down which Hal Jordan you're going to get on any given page.

The alien designs are wonderfully imaginative. This makes the conversations even more hilarious when Hal is interrogating a spoiled rich girl that happens to resemble a giant spider or a fellow Green Lantern that has a head that resembles an exploding volcano. Its goofy but being that the setting is fantastical it's nice to see the team really willing to cut loose.

Liam Sharp and Steve Oliff doesn't get to draw a ton of action this time around but the landscapes that are rendered are breathtaking. I would love to get a black and white variant of this issue just to marvel at the details in the linework. One page even got an audible reaction out of me.

This issue is mostly setup and worldbuilding. Other than that the story moves at a steady pace. We do get a jaw-dropping cliffhanger though. The excellent storytelling and visuals have kept me invested and I'm curious to see how this story develops and goes forward.

Rating: B

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