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Hawkman #3 Review

Robert Venditti (Author) • Bryan Hitch (Pencils)

• Bryan Hitch & Alex Sinclair (Cover Artists)

• Alex Sinclair & Jeremiah Shipper (Colorist)

StJepan Sejic (Variant Cover) • DC Comics (Publisher)

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Hawkman #3 opens with our titular hero fighting a m@therF*cking T-Rex.

Rating A

Just kidding, there is a ton of energy in this comic which makes every page exciting. Carter's quest for discovery is even greater because he takes the reader along for the ride.

The pace of the issue is quick and the script is amazing. This is an awesome stretch of content throughout these first 3 issues. There is no filler material and Bryan Hitch continues to flip from locale to locale with ease and little if any drop-off in quality.

The issue is pretty straightforward. Carter Hall (Hawkman) continues to follow leads throughout history to discover his true origins. The dialogue mostly told through internal monologue gives a lot of insight into this character. This is especially important to a reader like me that has no real experience with the character outside of just knowing who he is.

There is another action set piece toward the back end of the issue as well as another well-placed cliffhanger. Hawkman continues to be a beautiful experience and once of the best DC comics on the shelves right now.

The rating above was legit so I won't repost, this issue is awesome!!!

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