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The Walking Dead #186 Review

Robert Kirkman (Author) • Charlie Adlard (Pencils-Cover)

Bill Sienkiewicz (Cover Artists) • Stefano Gaudiano (Inker)

Image Comics (Publisher) • Get it now: Amazon

Well, this issue was a shocker...

***Heavy Spoilers*** ahead

It will be fairly difficult to discuss this issue trying to avoid the elephant in the group. Rick Grimes has to make a decision in the moment and kills Dwight to avoid going to war with the Commonwealth. It's an ugly decision that seems to be a waste of a life and could have ultimately been avoided.

I started reading The Walking Dead around the time the Commonwealth was introduced so I doubt I can really appreciate the impact of this death. Since Dwight/Darryl are essentially the same characters I would imagine that this would be the equivalent of Darryl being killed off on the show. Not sure where the story is going but Dwight may end up being the straw that breaks the camel's back and sends the CommonWealth into civil war.

There are guaranteed to be huge ramifications going forward from here. Outside of the death scene, there are slice of life moments throughout the issue. There is an especially funny scene with Eugene in the opening pages of the book.

Aside from the huge scene. There isn't a lot of energy to this issue. Everyone seems to be going through the motions and the story inches along toward whatever this conflict develops into. I'm interested in seeing what happens next but I kinda wish it would get on with it. The story and art are great but it's time to get things moving as things are starting to drag. A shocking death wont change that.

Rating: A

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