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Wonder Woman and Justice League Dark: The Witching Hour #1 Review

James Tynion IV (Author) • DC Comics (Publisher)

Jesús Merino, Emanuela Lupachhino, Alvaro Martinez (Pencils-Cover)

Riccardo Federici (Variant Cover) • Romulo Fajardo, Jr. (Colorist)

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I've never been a fan of witches in my horror stories. In fact, I consider "The Witch" to be the least interesting antagonist in the horror genre. It's pretty much the reason why it took so long for me to review this comic. I just couldn't muster up the interest to do so.

Although the comic doesn't change my opinion on The Big Bad Witch, it's a great start to this crossover.

The story picks up immediately after Justice League Dark #3. Wonder Woman and her team recount their recent encounter with the Upside Down man. The team barely escaped that encounter with their lives and only managed to do so because Wonder Woman was able to tap into magical forces that she was previously unaware of. She gives all of this information to the League but holds back details regarding the Magic Brand that she has on her forehead.

The Witch Mother becomes active and begins possessing people that have the brand. She calls these individuals her children.

Her minions blind the JL to their presence and completely overpower the Dark team. They escape through a portal and wind up in a bar with John Constantine. The issue ends as he laments that they are all gonna die.

From the start, Wonder Woman seemed a strange choice to lead a magic based Justice League. This event is likely to change that assumption. I normally complain about gimmicky events leading to overpriced special issues but this is an exception. The comic is double-sized and about 95% of the content is dedicated to the main story. There are no cheats or short-changing of the consumer with this issue.

The comic is packed with content, the art is detailed and the story covers enough ground that I didn't feel ripped off by the price bump. This is rare because there has been an uptick in events where the heroes don't even show up in the comic. The story doesn't deliver as advertised or the comic is standard size with a new #1 attached

In closing, The Witching hour is off to a great start. The stakes are appropriately high with this being a Justice League event. Everyone shows up including Detective Chimp pulling putting in an MVP level save towards the end.

It will be interesting to see this aspect of Wonder Woman's mythos explained and how this ties into the overarching DC Universe

Rating: A

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