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Blood Realm #2 (of 3) Review

ROBERT GERONIMO (Author-Pencils) • THOMAS MAUER (Letterer)

• Publisher: Alterna Comics Get it now

After dedicating the first issue to world building Blood Realm #2 hits the ground running with our narrator travelling with the Sisters of Silence.

Since the plot is firmly established in the first issue. The reader is now able to focus on the journey itself and its tribulations. The sisters encounter a large dragon and eventually encounter the main antagonist Gorn, and his forces.

We get to see the awe-inspiring abilities that the Sisters of Silence are capable of. We also get the revelation that they aren't as invincible as they appear as the casualties begin to mount on both sides of the conflict.

Robert keeps the story interesting by keeping the narrative focus in the POV of the narrator. The narrator is the stand-in for the reader so when he sees something the audience can gauge the event and its impact by his reaction to it.

This works to scale the abilities of the characters and I'm glad this is factored in. Too many writers fail in scaling a setting so when something particularly cool happens it sometimes comes off as a narrative cheat. This is not the case in this issue.

In hindsight, Blood Realm #1 is made better by this one. Each issue works independently but together, strengthen the package. In the first issue the stakes are established. In issue #2 the writer cuts loose.

The art of the comic continues to impress as the Sisters of Silence show off their abilities in cool, brutal ways. It's a creepy, dark fantasy setting and the art direction matches the overall tone of the series.

At the time of this writing, the second volume of Blood Realm has been announced. This is great as it addresses my concern of this mini-series having the tie all of the threads of such a huge setting together in 3 issues.

Blood Realm is a truly engrossing experience with expansive lore and potential. I can't wait for it's conclusion as it is shaping up to be something epic.

Rating A

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