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Wytches- Bad Egg: Halloween Special Review

Scott Snyder (Author) • Jock (Pencils) • Matt Hollingsworth (Colorist)

Image Comics (Publisher) • Get it now: Amazon

The fact that I'm reviewing a Halloween special on Christmas day should let you know how far behind I am with the books I want to review.

Last week I reviewed Wonder Woman and Justice League Dark: The Witching Hour #1 and I made the statement that I'm not a fan of witches in general. I wasn't scared of the wicked witch or the Blair witch. The witches in Wytches are horrifying and challenge the assumption.

Sebastian Clay and Jackson Isbelle are best friends and somewhat outcasts at school. What Jackson doesn't know is that Sebastian is descended from a line of Witch Hunters. Jackson's family is the "Mark" and Sebastian has been tasked with killing his entire family as they are responsible for starting new "Burrows" (nests) for baby Wytches.

Jackson's family are planning to sacrifice him in order to feed the baby Wytche. This leaves Sebastian with the dilemma of whether to tell Jackson his potential fate or to proceed with the plan and not get too attached to the loyalty he feels to his friend.

Wytches is an exceptional read and works on multiple levels. As a horror story it's one of the best I've read in recent memory. Even in a vacuum, Wytches is an amazing narrative with very few flaws.

The premise is a unique take on witches and warlocks and the art is moody and atmospheric. I recently reviewed The Batman who Laughs: #1 which also features the same creative team of Snyder & Jock. I wasn't a fan of Jocks Batman but I absolutely adore his art in this issue.

The pacing for the story is brisk with a new twist every few pages to keep you on your toes. There a ton of "Oh Shit" moments throughout and all of the turns culminate in one of the most satisfying conclusions I've read in recent memory. This is a huge special but its entirely self-contained, beginning, middle, and end.

This story also illustrates how constraining the Big Two publishers must be to a creator. I know Snyder primarily as a batman writer but in a series like this one or A.D. After Death, he really is able to display his abilities as a writer. The man is a huge talent and one of the best active writers in the industry right now.

Wytches was 7.99 which is well above the industry standard for a single issue. I normally don't support books priced over the 3.99 standard, but in this instance, Wytches is totally worth the cover price. It's an 80-page comic. The story is amazing and the art is inspired. Wytches is part of an overarching narrative but works totally standalone. I'd be very surprised if Wytches isn't adapted into another medium within the next 5 years. It's that damn good.

Rating A

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