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Livewire #1 Review

Vita Ayala (Author) • Raul Allen and Patricia Martin (Pencils)

•Adam Pollina & Ulises Arreola (Cover Artists) • Valiant (Publisher)

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Full disclosure this is probably the worst single issue I've read of 2018. It's probably one of the worst #1 issues I've ever read in my 20+ years as a comic fan.

Livewire #1 takes place after an event. Our hero Amanda McKee, (Livewire) in an act of perceived terrorism took control of the nations power grid making her public enemy #1(I'm assuming because the issue doesn't really spell it out). Amanda meets with her friends but they call her out for her actions. One of the citizens makes her in the crowd and she is forced to leave.

Later that evening Amada is attacked and eventually captured by bounty hunters...that's about it.

The event that made Livewire an enemy of the state is not in this issue. If you have no experience with this character you'll feel like you're missing part of the story. This feels like the second or third issue with all the interesting stuff happening before the series start.

We see Livewire using her powers but its really vague what she's doing and it's hard to gauge what her skillset is. Sure, its mentioned in the rundown and there is an action sequence but it's tough to make sense of her powers without an internal monologue. Thought balloons would have helped immensely in this issue.

It also seems that the narrative will be decompressed. If so it may be a few issues before the actual plot comes into focus. If that's the case this issue also fails because I have no idea what's going on and there's nothing here to to keep me invested here.

There are supporting characters here but they really don't have much to do in this issue. They essentially show up just to yell at Amanda.

The only praise I can give the comic is that I'm a fan of the color palette used for the issue. I'm not a fan of the linework. The character isn't too bad but there are pages where the backgrounds are incredibly sparse and it really jumps out because the panels are incredibly clean.

I don't really want to blame the writers' and artists for this issue's failure it seems that it would fall firmly on the editors here.

My suggestion for this issue would have been to keep this issue and make it double-sized. Valiant should have reprinted the comic that lead to this issue and included it with this issue. Without the context of why Livewire is on the run, this issue is an utter failure and I cannot recommend it. Every comic is someone's first issue and its nearly impossible to get excited for a comic if the entire experience depends on knowing what came before.

I will pick up the second issue to see if the comic course corrects but if the current path is the path the series is taking it will be my last issue.

Rating: F

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