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The Lone Ranger #2 Review

Mark Russell (Author) • Bob Q (Pencils-Colors)

John Cassaday & Jose Villarrubia (Cover Artists) • Dynamite (Publisher)

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The Lone Ranger #2 is a quick read but a also manages to pack a lot of fun into its 22 pages.

This comic gives a proper introduction to Tanto. We get some character background and its quickly established that he is not going to be some silly sidekick or lackey for the Ranger. He may play the fool but he isn't one by a long shot. He's educated and may actually be more in touch with the setting than the Ranger is.

The issue continues the land plot. Corrupt politicians decide to move forward with securing property records until the land is fenced in by Barb Wire.

The premise sounds absurd until you look into the matter further and find out that the story is based in actual Texas history. Mark Russell is a master of weaving history into his comics so I should have caught on sooner. All I could do was shake my head and smile.

The action sequences and the tension involved also make up a big portion of this issue. These segments continue to be beautifully rendered and work perfectly with the overall tone of the story.

This issue works well as a single issue but I'm getting the impression that the decompression of the story may make this one a better read once the story arc is completed and the trade is available. This isn't a knock as there is never a dull moment in the story to this point. The series is setting up a new status quo for the characters involved and if you're a fan of the Lone Ranger or Comics in general you won't go wrong with either option.

Rating B

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