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Marvel Action: Avengers #1 Review

Matthew K. Manning (Author) • Jon Sammariva (Pencils-Cover)

Protobunker (Colorist) • IDW (Publisher) • Get it now (Amazon)

I picked up Marvel Action: Avengers #1 the day after Christmas in possibly my lightest pull weeks of 2018. The other book I purchased was Go-Bots #2 by Thomas Scioli. I'll probably be reviewing that one in the next few days. At the outset of the review, I will say that this comic is the most mainstream version of the Avengers that I've read in decades.

IDW has done something Marvel has not been able to do since the inception of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It has successfully translated the Avengers from that shared universe to the comics.

All of the characters in the comics would feel right in on-screen including the recent additions of Captain Marvel and Black Panther.

The story could easily take place in-between the events of one of the movies. The comic benefits from not having 700 hundred issues of comic continuity attached. Matthew K. Manning has a great voice for this team and I could see this run being uber popular if this was the primary series and the tone skewed toward a slightly older audience. The story isn't all that original but fits with what we know of the characters.

I'm not a big fan of the pencils used to tell this story but combined with the colors provided by Protobunker the art is elevated and translates the story competently. The art isn't bad It's just aesthetically pleasing to me.

The only knock I have for the issue is that I feel it's overpriced. I understand that this is a new #1, a launch title and price is usually inflated. My concern is that this comic along with the other All-Ages offerings should probably have a lower price point.

I wouldn't feel comfortable paying $3.99 for this book and then giving it to a kid to read and rip apart. If it was a dollar or two I wouldn't flinch but at 4 bucks I can't recommend this issue to those outside of completionists. This is despite the comic being the best representation of the MCU in comic form that we've seen to date.

Rating: B -

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