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Go-Bots #2 Review

Tom Scioli (Author-Art-Letters) • David Hedgecock (Editor)

IDW (Publisher) • Get IT NOW (Amazon)

The first comic I read of 2019 was Go-Bots #2. It picks up immediately after the first issue with Cy-Kill's forces coming together and making short work of humanity. People are being eaten, football punted and gunned down by killer robots.

Leader-1 manages to survive the events of the last comics and escape his captors. Another group of heroic Go-Bots (Scooter & Turbo) meet and plan to fight back.

We find out that the bloodlust levels of some of the Go-Bot's were increased to make them willing to fight each other but there were other Go-Bots that had already been tampered so that they could be used for military operations. The plan backfires and the safeguards installed in the Go-Bots to protect humanity fail as the more aggressive aspects spread through them like a virus.

The factions come together simple skirmishes turn into a full-scale war.

Tom Scioli's Go-Bot's is magnificent. There is so much happening on every page that it's easy to lose track of everything. It's a simple art style yet surprisingly complex and contrasts well with the very dark undertone of the series.

The story ends on a cliffhanger and the status quo will likely shift dramatically next issue. It will be interesting to see where the story goes from here as there is a definite conclusion to this conflict.

There are no complaints here. I never expected that the most anticipated series on my pull list would be Go-Bots.

Rating A

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