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Conan The Barbarian #1 Review

Jason Aaron (Author) • Mahmud Asrar (Pencils)

Esad Ribic (Cover Artists) • Matthew Wilson (Colorist)

Marvel (Publisher) • Get it now - (Amazon)

I read so many comics that it often surprises people when I tell them I have never checked out Jason Aaron's run on Thor. There were a lot of complaints about Jane Foster becoming Thor and Odinson being revealed as Unworthy. I didn't really care about the controversy and chalk it up more so as me just not following Marvel all that closely the past few years.

I know Jason Aaron primarily from his run on Southern Bastards. Bastards is one of the most violent and poignant series that I've read in recent memory and is one of the reading experiences I swear by when I make suggestions to new readers.

When I heard Jason was taking the reigns on Conan The Barbarian I was excited because Jason seemed like the perfect candidate for the series.

The plot is pretty straight-forward for Conan. We get a rundown of who he is and the Hyborian setting. After winning a fight, Conan is seduced by a woman seeking to resurrect her god. He manages to spoil the plot but it comes back to haunt him decades later after he becomes king.

Jason has an excellent voice for Conan. His Conan is a brute but he's not an idiot. There's a complexity brimming beneath the surface. Mahmud Asrar and Matthew Wilson are on pencils and colors. The art direction is stellar. The action is fast paced brutal and conveys a ton of energy on every page. Even when the action slips into more mundane scenes it looks great and there is no dip in overall quality

Conan the Barbarian #1is a perfect rendition of the character. In fact, the only knock I can give the issue is that it doesn't really stand out a amongst Conan stories. However, it's exactly what you want from the character. I had fun but struggled to remember plot details when it was time to write this review. That's not really a knock on the writing or art. It's speaks more to the limitations surrounding the character.

The Issue is $4.99 and for once I didn't feel the need to complain. The issue is oversized 37 pages and delivers a definitive Conan experience. There is one team delivering a great story from beginning to end. If you're a fan of the character, it doesn't get much better than this. If not you're the biggest fan of Conan you're still in for an above average reading experience.

Rating B

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