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Middlewest #1 Review

Skottie Young (Author) • Jorge Corona (Pencils)

Jean Francois-Beaulieu (Colorist)) • Mike Huddleston (Cover)

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I picked up Middlewest based on a Youtube recommendation and some of the buzz surrounding the book on social media. It looked interesting but I had just picked up Bully Wars a couple months back (also by Skottie Young) and although I liked the story It skewed a bit young for me and I didn't revisit the series.

Middlewest follows a kid named Abel, he seems like a normal kid with a chip and responsibilities on his shoulders. He has a paper route and is a product of a single parent household. Abel live's with his father and tries to balance his responsibilities as a young adult with being a kid. In this issue being a kid wins out and leads to a huge but relatable confrontation with is father in the climax of the issue.

When I started the issue I had no idea what I was walking into. I try to avoid all spoilers and all I had to go on was the cover. My first reaction was that this was going to be a slightly skewed version of Bully Wars aimed at an older audience and featuring talking animals. That thought persisted until "The Scene" and then I was hooked.

Skottie Young continues to impress me with his storytelling ability. If you only know Skottie from his silly Marvel Variants than you're missing out. He is a top tier ideas guy and I can only imagine what the pitch meetings are like. There is a lot of heart in this story. It takes a very relatable premise and heightens it with fantasy elements. I'm adding Middlewest to my pull list upon my next visit to my Local comic shop.

Our art team is Jorge Corona and Jean Francois Beaulieu. I would have guessed it was Scottie on art as the artist shares a similar style. The comic has a distinct look and is very detailed and colorful. Every page contains a Midwestern vibe and its easy to get lost in the art. I also may be reading too much into the issue but it feels like the weather changes to reflect the lead characters mood. Its a working theory but I think there may be something too it.

I have no idea where the story is going of if there is a long term plan for the series. All I can confirm is that this issue is worth your time and shelf space.

Rating A

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