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The Barack Panther Vs The Tremendous Trump: One-Shot Review "Political Comics Get Weird AF"

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Kelsey Shannon (Writer-Pencils ) • Brian Denham (Creator)

Antarctic Press (Publisher)

A few months ago I reviewed "The Barack Panther" from Antarctic Press. The book was a parody of the Obama Administration combined with the events of the Black Panther Movie.

Although the comic covered political events that occurred during the Obama presidency the story itself was presented in a tongue in cheek way that would be hard to be offended by unless you were one of those people that are averse to any mention of politics at all.

This comic isn't a direct continuation of the last series. However, the book depicts the inevitable confrontation between "The Barack Panther" and "The Tremendous Trump". What I hadn't noticed at the time of purchase is that there are multiple versions of this comic with alternate endings. This review covers the "Blue Victory" and to avoid bias I ordered the "Red Version so that I could compare both versions.

This issue is still a parody but the events in question are a lot more direct and topical. Barack attempts to stop a dispute at the border in which immigrants clash with government agents. Things escalate into a full-fledged battle once the Tremendous Trump arrives.

I'll admit as a conservative it's tiring to constantly see the narrative being pushed that anyone supporting border security in 2019 being pegged as a racist, bigot, etc. I give this issue a pass simply because it is clearly a parody and there is an alternate version available.

Aside from the overt political messaging the comic is okay. The art is energetic especially when the action picks up. However, I'm not a fan of the Barack Panther design. It appears too cat-like in some panels and the art is generally messy. Other pages are pitch-perfect and absolutely hilarious such as The Tremendous Trump when he Hulks out.

You're getting exactly what you're paying for with this issue. If you're sensitive to politics in your comic, steer clear. If you're like me and find disdain for both political parties you may find enjoyment just seeing the fight play out. In any case, this is a good comic to have in your collection just for the conversation that will come from it

I may update the post once I get the "Red Victory" issue or may make a video comparing both issues. In any case...

Rating: 8/10

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