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Turok #1 Review

Ron Marz (Author) • Roberto Castro (Pencils) • Bart Sears (Cover Artist) •Butch Guice & Dan Brown (Variant Cover) • Salvadore Aiala (Colorist)

Dynamite (Publisher) • Get it now (Amazon)

I had no idea that Turok was getting a relaunch and was pretty excited to see it on the shelves. Most know Turok from the N64 game. I remember the character from the 1990's series from Valiant. The truth of the matter is the character was introduced in 1954 through Dell Comics.

This series is written by Ron Marz with pencils and colors from Roberto Castro and Salvadore Aiala. The setup for the series is simple enough and exciting throughout. The issue focuses on Turok's rescue of his brother from a group of soldiers.

The script is fun and the art is simply dynamite. I got a chuckle at seeing the soldiers encountering and dealing with dinosaurs thinking they were just overgrown lizards.

It's really funny considering how popular Dinosaurs are in modern times. The sustained popularity of Turok can attest to that. The story is set in 1873. At the time Dinosaurs would have been a fairly recent discovery. People encountering them in any capacity would have no idea what they were dealing with. This will be a pretty fun aspect of the series going forward.

This issue is actually great but it reads really fast. It's actually something I noticed with all of the dynamite books currently on my pull (Lone Ranger, Rainbow Brite, Turok). They all have great plots but it's a little concerning when you're paying $3.99 for a book you can breeze through in 5 minutes. It doesn't bother me all that much but I can see people sitting this one out and waiting for a trade for that reason.

Aside from that stated concern I can't apply any other faults to the issue. Turok looks to be a fun and exciting take on a classic character.

Rating: A-

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