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The Walking Dead #187 Review

Robert Kirkman (Author) • Charlie Adlard (Pencils-Cover)

Stefano Gaudiano (Inker) • Image comics (Publisher) • Get it now: Amazon

The latest issue of The Walking Dead deals with the fallout of Dwight's assassination attempt and subsequent death last issue. Rick is presented as the hero for taking Dwight down but he is haunted by the decision and blames Michonne for forcing his hand.

The Princess decides to leave the commonwealth sensing that the underlying tensions within the community are brewing and will eventually boil over into open conflict.

Meanwhile a contingent from "The Hilltop", including Carl intend to head out to the commonwealth to scope out the situation since Rick and Co. been gone for a while and has not checked in.

This issue is a pretty standard Walking Dead comic. I'm actually considering switching to reviewing this series in trade. There's just not enough happening from issue to issue and even the "Oh Shit" moments feel lackluster. It's not that the comic is terribly written but the decompression of the commonwealth story line is dragging down the series.

The only point in the issue that caught my interest was the reveal of the Princess's backstory. She's a B or C list character so the reaction to her origin got more of a huh? rather than oh well that's cool.

There is an interesting cliffhanger but again the decompression kills the momentum and urgency of anything going on in the series. I want to know whats going on but I'm not as engaged as Kirkman would like me to be.

I'll stick it out a couple more issues but if the pace doesn't pick up I may switch to reading in trade or dropping all together.

Rating C

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