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Wonder Woman #56 Review

James Tynion IV (Author) • Emanuela Lupacchino (Pencils)

Yasmine Putri (Cover Artists) • Romulo Fajardo Jr. (Colorist)

Jenny Frison (Variant Cover) • DC Comics (Publisher)

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Spoilers below

Wonder Woman #56 continues "The Witching Hour" story arc. The Justice League Dark team capture a unicorn and take it as an offering to the ancient Witch known as "The Circle"

Diana reveals that she is afflicted by the Hecate's Witchmark. This causes Circle to embrace her and tell her that the situation will get a lot worse as "The Witching Hour" has begun.

A Native American hero known as Manitou Dawn is also branded by the Witchmark. It activates on the other side of the world and compels her to leave and seek a mysterious target.

Circle gives the team the rundown on the Hecate's origin. To protect her power Hecate split it into five pieces and hid them inside of 5 women. As the women grew and died she would pass the power onto someone else, never taking it back.

With powerful forces such as the Upside Down Man appearing, the Hecate has begun activating the Witchmark in her children and seeks to draw it back into herself to protect the world.

This is seemingly a rational solution but the Hecate has been corrupted and being fully powered would be a disaster. Diana asks The Circle to activate her mark and cast a spell to protect her from the Hecate.

Zatanna opposes the idea and she gets into a huge argument with Diana. As this happens Deadman shows up and tells the group that Manitou Dawn is on a rampage. The comic ends as the comic cuts to Wonder Woman, who is now glowing. The Witchmark has been activated.


This issue provides a huge exposition dump that will probably carry over through the rest of the series. We get details regarding Hecate's backstory and motivations. We are also introduced to the Circle.

I appreciate the amount of content James Tynion IV provides in this issue. It justifies the cover price but I think the comic may be a tad overwritten. My main gripe is that the book is sort of boring. There isn't really any action in this comic and The Circle comes off as being very pretentious. She's basically a female version the MCU Tony Stark, quips included. Some may enjoy this character, I didn't.

The art is serviceable but Emanuela Lupacchino and Romulo Fajardo Jr. didn't get much to work with as most of the issue is confined to a room. The feel of the comic is meh. It's not a terrible time though. The comic does its job filling in the story but honestly, it feels padded.

Rating C

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