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Blood Realm #3 (of 3) Review

ROBERT GERONIMO (Author-Pencils) • THOMAS MAUER (Letterer)

Alterna Comics (Publisher) • Get it now (AlternaEtsy)

When I reviewed the first issue of Blood Realm the biggest concern I had for the series was how the hell was Robert Geronimo going to conclude such a massive story in three issues?

I'm happy to report that all of my concerns were unwarranted and the series does conclude in epic fashion. Blood Realm #3 ties up all of the ongoing plot threads of the series with Gorn and the Sisters of Silence. It also establishes the framework for the next series, coming in March.

The most fascinating element of the issue is the art. At first glance it's a really simple art style but upon further inspection the linework and color splashes conveys a lot of emotion which evokes the desperation of all of the principle players involved. This makes the entire narrative even stronger.

Looking back at the series as a whole there is no fluff or filler material. I appreciate the linear progression of the series. This is a sharp contrast to many series on the shelves that seem to either be decompressed to milk a series popularity or padded for a trade paperback. Blood Realm feels like its as long as it needs to be and not a page longer.

I adored this issue and the series overall. I have the floppies but I plan on grabbing the trade when its released. It's a perfect story for fans of Dark Fantasy and succeeds in unconventional fashion. I've never seen an art style like the one Robert uses for this series. I wish there were more experimental creators out there.

I don't have any complaints here other than I wish that the series was an issue or two longer. Of all of the complaints out there, is wanting more really all that bad?

Rating A+

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