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Rainbow Brite #3 Review

Jeremy Whitley (Author) • Brittney Williams (Pencils)

Paulina Ganucheau (Cover Artist) • Valentina Pinto (Colorist)

Dynamite (Publisher) • Get it now (Amazon)

Rainbow Brite #3 gives us our first legit fight sequence in this series, as our heroes do battle with Murky & Lurky. The issue has a nice blend of humor, action, and suspense.

Wisp isn't a perfect protagonist and it's clear that she's finding her footing in this series. I appreciate that Jeremy Whitley has created a hero with real insecurities. In many modern comics, the hero is always presented as the best and brightest in the room and the only qualifier they have is that they are the lead character.

Wisp is more complicated than that. She immediately realizes that she is in over her head and reacts the way anyone would under the circumstances.

The only mark that I have to the series is that I believe that the comic would really benefit from having a traditional artist pencil the series or go into full-on nostalgia and use the art style from the 80's.

The covers are beautiful but when you open the book the linework shifts dramatically to an Steven Universe - She-Ra aesthetic. None of the art is bad but it's kind of a let down that the art direction doesn't push the imagination and grandeur that a setting like this one is capable of.

Valentina Pinto shines as usual here especially in the scenes where Wisp powers up into Rainbow Brite. The contrast between the color palette used for Rainbow Brite and the rest of the world is stark and really sells that the colors have been drained from this world.

I did enjoy the comic and I like where the story is going. Wisp and Twink have amazing chemistry and its very easy to relate to our lead character as she finds her place in this world. This bodes well as the series goes forward.

Rating B+

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