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Detective Comics #990 Review

James Robinson (Author) • Stephen Segovia (Pencils)

Ivan Plascencia - Allen Passalaqua (Colorists)

John Paul Leon (Cover Artist) • Simone Bianchi (Variant Cover)

DC Comics (Publisher) • Get it now (Amazon)

Detective Comics #990 continues the "Deface the Face" story arc. I'm not a fan of this story so far or its depiction of Batman.

This Version of Batman is a bit too arrogant and snarky. It seems that James Robinson does not have a good grasp of the character. It also doesn't appear that this is the same Batman that is being written across the line. This speaks more to bad editing of the series than the writer.

This Two-Face also seems weird. He blames Gordon for the current situation but then turns around and saves him later in the issue.

There's not much else going on here. I read it in about 5 minutes and aside from some great art in spots by Stephen Segovia and Ivan Plascencia the book isn't really worth the cover price. I'm still way behind on Detective Comics. I hope that James is the fill-in writer because the series has taken a huge step back in recent issues.

Rating C-

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