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Stranger Things #2 (of 4) Review

Jody Houser (Author) • Stefano Martino (Pencils) • Lauren Affe (Colorist) • Aleksi Briclot (Cover Artist) • Darkhorse Comics (Publisher)

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When Stranger Things Debuted on Netflix in 2016 it was my favorite show of the year. It's currently one of my favorite series of all time. The comic has all of the tools to be great but fails because it sticks too close to familiar territory.

It wasn't abundantly clear last issue but this Mini-Series is covering the events of Season 1 from Will Byers perspective. It makes sense because he was missing for the entirety of the season. It's interesting but I feel that Jody Houser has her hands tied here and can't really cut loose.

The story feels tied too closely to events that fans of the series have already seen. This removes all tension because we know exactly where this story is going and will end.

The art from Stefano Martino & Lauren Affe are fine but I wish that the atmosphere was darker and spookier. The art is a bit too clean which also pulls tension out of the issue. This is a similar problem that I have with the William Gibson, Alien 3 adaptation. I'm not a heavy reader of Dark Horse comics so I'm not sure if this is a house style or just the series that I've been reading.

Stranger Things is a series with literally unlimited potential. It's really sad this is the story that Dark Horse settled on. It's not the worst comic out there but it fails nevertheless. It fills in the blanks that were pretty much covered.

Rating: D+

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