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The Curse of Brimstone #6 Review

Justin Jordan (Author) • Denys Cowan (Pencils)

Chris Sotomayor - Rain Beredo (Colorist)

Philip Tan - Rain Beredo (Cover Artists) • DC Comics (Publisher)

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The irony of The Curse of Brimstone being canceled is that It is my favorite title of the "New Age of Heroes" line and also one of my favorite DC titles overall.

The other ironic aspect of this series is that the writer of the series, Justin Jordan has blocked me on social media. This is a person that I've had no interaction with outside heaping praise on this series month after month.

Justin uses block-chains to block anyone affiliated with or adjacent to #Comicsgate. My intuition tells me that maybe if Justin hadn't blocked a significant portion of his potential fanbase on twitter. The Curse of Brimstone would have probably been better received. It's a great concept and on its own merits didn't deserve to be canceled.

The issue concludes the second part of "The kids are not alright" storyline. Annie, Joe (Brimstone) and the mysterious Jack confront the possessed Children and their leader Slackjaw. Things escalate as Jack begins murdering the kids.

The macabre situation continues until Joe transforms into Brimstone and puts an end to the threat revealing that Slackjaw was really a kid that also made the mistake of signing a deal with the Salesman.

This is one of the wildest mainstream comics that I've read in awhile. It's rare that you see children as villains. It's even rarer that you see kids getting murdered on panel by adults.

The comic is well plotted and has an amazing script despite some choppy dialogue in spots.

The real downside to the issue is that it has some of the worst linework I've read in a comic to date. In spot's the proportions are off, character models are poorly rendered and it's hard to believe that to believe that this issue made it past editorial.

The writing saves the comics. Some moments are genuinely shocking but fit with the dark tone of the series. Despite the rough art and being blocked by the writer The Curse of Brimstone #6 is a highly entertaining read. I just hate that the series is canceled. It's a legit shame.

Rating B+

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