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The Lone Ranger #3 Review

Mark Russell (Author) • Bob Q (Pencils - Colors)

John Cassaday & Jose Villarrubia (Cover Artists)• Dynamite (Publisher)

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I definitely got a Dark Knight vibe from The Lone Ranger #3. It's not as dark a story as the Nolan Film but some of the story beats are similar. After dealing our corrupt politicians a series of staggering blows they decide to bring in Conner, a depraved, cannibal bounty hunter.

This issue was simply a joy to read. The dynamic between The Lone Ranger and Tonto is fun and I get a chuckle whenever they put a plan together.

Mark has a great voice for these characters. Tonto's simple delivery underlies a very complex character. Although he's not the lead, Tonto is definitely the MVP of the series so far.

It will be interesting to see what develops as Conner is presented as being a refined monster. I immediately imagined a cross between the Joker and Hannibal Lecter.

The art is more subdued this issue. There aren't as many action sequences but the humor carries it forward. This is a nice change of pace especially knowing that our heroes are about to be haunted by a credible villain in the coming months.

Rating A

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