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Cyko Ko #3 (of 3) Review - Simple Yet Satisfying

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Rob Feldman (Author-Pencils) • Peter Simeti (Letters- Edits)

Brian Fraim & Brendon Fraim (Breakdowns) • Toons360 (Backgrounds)

Alterna Comics (Publisher) • Get it now (Comixology)

If there is one comic out there that should sell you on the idea of a return to newsprint for mainstream comics, it would probably be Cyko Ko. This is a beautiful comic. It's all ages, innocent fun but the most intriguing aspect of the series is the art direction.

The book would feel right at home on the shelf next to a Hanna Barbera comic or as an animated series à la Space Ghost Coast to Coast. The colors pop more than any other newsprint comic I've ever read and the backgrounds in spots are extremely detailed, almost like an animation cell.

This offers a nice contrast with our cheeky lead Character, Cyko Ko. If we don't get a line of Cyko Ko action figures down the line it will be criminal. This character has so much potential. He's intentionally/unintentionally hilarious, he breaks the fourth wall, is a heroic figure. He has an assorted set of tools, weapons and costume designs. Cyko also has a nice mix of supporting characters surrounding him.

Rob Feldman displays a lot of passion here and the simple designs belie a high level of thought put into this concept. The story for this particular issue is simple enough. The Villainous "Devil Spider" that allegedly killed Cyko Ko's dad has reappeared. This leads Cyko Ko on an epic quest to avenge his father. Well, maybe not epic but the quest is hilarious with a few twists and turns to keep you intrigued at the outcome.

The ending is somewhat surprising and sets up a larger world for our lead character. There aren't too many comic series in the "All Ages" camp that are as fun as Cyko Ko. The $1.50 cover price also accentuates the appeal.

Doubling back to the original point. The overall package of this series highlights the absurdity of the locked $3.99 and up price point of mainstream funny books. Alternacomics represents an alternative but more than any other series that I've read from the publisher, Cyko Ko really destroys the argument that newsprint can't be a viable option for a quality comic.

Cyko Ko is simply amazing to look at and switching the paper stock wouldn't change that. I'm not an expert on printing costs but if a book of this quality can be produced for $1.50 it tells you everything you need to know about what's wrong with the current state of the comic industry.

Rating 10/10

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