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The Silencer #9 Review

Dan Abnett (Author) • Patch Zircher (Pencils) • Mike Spicer (Colorist)

Victor Bogdanovic, Jonathan Glapion, FCO Plascencia (Cover Artists)

DC Comics (Publisher)

My Favorite bi-polar book on the shelves today. Silencer #9 was a lot of fun and continues the Hell-I-Day Road storyline.

Picking up from last issues cliffhanger, Silencer and Quietus have had their bodies swapped by the villainous Wishbone. Silencer manages to track Quietus down and they engage in a massive battle in the city streets before coming to their senses and calling a truce.

Wishbone, upset by the development calls reinforcements and eventually a Godzilla sized monster that attacks our leads as well as the amusement park that The Silencer's family is currently located.

The issue reinforces my belief that Silencers family situation was an after thought and it weighs down the character. Her husband and son show up in one panel and I didn't care at all. Everything else about this series has been fantastic. I know I'm late with this review but I actually find myself hoping that Dan kills off The Silencers family next issue so that the series is able to focus on that it really wants to be, an action-packed spy thriller.

Patrick Zircher delivers a variety of rapidly escalating action sequences and they are all dynamic and exciting to look at. When The Silencer is firing on all cylinders it's one of the best series on the shelves. This issue is another good example of that.

Rating B+

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