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Damage #10 Review

Robert Venditti (Author) • Aaron Lopresti (Pencils)

HI-FI (Colorist) • Dale Keown (Cover Artists)

DC Comics (Publisher) • Get it now (Amazon)

I'm convinced that Damage is the book that Robert works on when he wants to let his hair down and relax.

The premise for the series is simple. The plots move fast and at worst the stories are always decent.

The selling point for me is the $2.99 cover price. I firmly believe that comics really need to come off of the $3.99 and should be at max $2.50. If that means going back to newsprint or finding another means of distribution, the prices will eventually need to come down.

This was the primary reason I always supported the "New Age of Heroes" line of comics. The books are all solid despite some shortcomings. None of the series are bad and at the very least the line gave us a gaggle of new characters.

Damage #10 represents Ethan's return to the place of his birth. There isn't much depth to the story but what it lacks in deep storytelling it makes up for it by simply telling an action-filled romp with great art and pacing. The comic even ends on a cliffhanger that I expect will lead to another huge action issue.

I love that Damage/Ethan's personalities are being blended. It mitigates my concern that Ethan gets lost whenever the action picks up.

At the time of writing, Damage has unfortunately been canceled. It's another case of missed opportunity along with the other "New Age of Series" cancellations. The series has been a welcome diversion in what sometimes feels like a sea of mediocrity.

Rating B+

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