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Flash #58 Review

Joshua Williams (Author) • Rafa Sandoval (Pencils)

Tomeu Morey (Colorist) • DC Comics (Publisher)

• Rafa Sandoval, Jordi Tarragona, Tomeu Morey (Cover Artists)

Karl Kerschl (Variant Cover) • Get it now (Amazon)

Whenever anyone asks who my Favorite DC Hero is The Flash is usually in my Top 3. I shuffle them sometimes but it's always been Superman, Batman, and Flash. So it's pretty ironic that I've never consistently followed the character or collected his series for any length of time.

I picked up this issue solely the strength of the Karl Kerschl variant cover. The last Flash book that I actually read was during "The Button" crossover with Batman over a year ago now.

Flash #58 is a solid comic that seems to be a reasonable jumping on point for the series. Barry Allen is on vacation with Iris. While there they run into a pair of super-powered criminal's calling themselves "The Gemini" The two manage to distract Flash for a second and use the opportunity get the better of him and escape.

Gemini's power-set allow them to absorb the powers of their enemies. Having a taste of Flashes powers they vow to hunt Barry to the ends of the earth to obtain it.

The comic ends with the Speed force pulling Barry to Gorilla City where a bigger mystery is developing.

Flash #58 is an example of where a reread can make a comic better. When I first read the comic I walked away feeling meh but upon a second look, I can't really find any fault in the comic.

If you have any measure of interest in seeing Flash in action you can't go wrong here. The story is fun, the villains are intimidating and the art is glorious.

Plus it seems that the lore surrounding the "Speed Force" is being expanded similar to the color variants of the Green Lantern rings.

The art direction from Rafa Sandoval and Tomeu Morey is stunning. The action is fluid and dynamic. They cover a lot of real estate as the story moves from the fictional Port of Trueno, Badhnisia to Gorilla City. The colors are upbeat and combined with the well paced script by Joshua Williams this is a very well constructed single issue.

Rating: A-

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