• Baraka

Heroes in Crisis #5 Review - Superman Gives a Speech...

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Tom King (Writer) • Clay Mann ( Pencils) • Tomeu Morey (Colorist)

Trevor Hairsine & Rain Beredo (Cover Artists) • Ryan Sook (Variant Cover)

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The really sad part about Heroes in Crisis going off of the rails is that the premise is such a no-brainer. A murder takes place at a superhero trauma center, whodunnit? The comic also has arguably the industry's best creative team and yet is still bombing hard.

What is the problem?

This is not an event and should not have been sold as such. It's a mini-series on par with some of the worst that I've reviewed to date. Heroes in Crisis is not terrible but it's not all that great either. The comic simply exists and will be forgotten in a year or two.

We're five issues into this series and there has been next to no progression or development for any of the lead characters. There has been little to no action outside of a few head-scratching sequences. There is no urgency or payoff in sight. What we have is essentially a series of events tied together by a premise that has been overthought. Heroes In Crisis should have been easy to love but it fails in every step it takes along the way.

Even worst, the series is broken up into 3.99 segments, excluding tie-ins this series will total about $36. If it was a graphic novel it wouldn't be so bad but as it stands Heroes in Crisis is an obvious grift from DC comics.

I hate saying that DC Comics is ripping off its audience but it's becoming painfully obvious with this book. If issues 2-4 were excluded from the series you wouldn't have missed anything at all.

Heroes in Crisis #5 continues the trending of meandering. Booster Gold and Blue Beetle search for clues regarding the murders in Sanctuary. Harley Quinn & Batgirl search for Booster and Superman gives a speech.

That's it...

Admittedly the speech from Superman is the standout moment from the issue. The fictional heroes mentioned could easily be substituted with real-world Soldiers that sacrifice all to protect and defend the nation from enemies foreign and domestic.

It's legitimately a great speech and the only reason I didn't drop the score for this issue to an F.

Rating 6/10