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Justice League Odyssey #2 Review

Joshua Williamson (Author) • StJepan Sejic (Pencils-Cover)

Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson (Variant Cover)

• DC Comics (Publisher) • Get it now (Amazon)

After an extremely long layover between reviews, we pick up with our makeshift Justice League team (Azrael, Cyborg, Starfire, and GL Jessica Cruz) as they battle Darkseid.

JL Odyssey #2 is a decent read. The art is amazing the plot is interesting but the dialogue, particularly in the first half is very choppy. The confrontation between Darkseid and the League goes about as well as can be expected as he quickly dispatches Azrael, Starfire, and Cruz. Cyborg manages to hold his own against Darkseid which leads him to draw the conclusion that something is wrong with the Lord of Apokalips.

Darkseid pulls Cyborg to the site of a temple littered with the bodies of the planet's inhabitants. Curiously, there is also a large statue dedicated to Starfire.

Darkseid offers Cyborg a truce but when the rest of the League arrive at the location, he disappears.

A survivor appears and reveals that the planets inhabitants dedicated themselves to the worship of Starfire. After a series of calamities, the populace of the planet was apparently slaughtered by angels.

The man takes them to a multiversal key. When Starfire tells him that she can't read the language he then transfers his knowledge to her. This allows her to read the mysterious text but also destabilizes the planet and overwhelms her with darkness.

The back half of the issue presents an intriguing scenario but I'm not sure that the mystery is interesting enough to sustain an audience for an entire series.

The art is great but there are no standout moments in regards to art direction or the script. The fight with Darkseid ends quickly and is ultimately inconsequential.

All of the elements of a great series are here but the thread tying the disparate elements together appears to be missing.

Rating: C

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