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Go-Bots #3 Review - Heavy is The Head That Wears The Crown

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Tom Scioli (Writer-Artist) • David Hedgecock (Editor)

ULISES FARINAS (Variant Cover)• IDW (Publisher)

I read Go-Bots #3 right before reading Heroes In Crisis #5 and the reading experiences were night and day. The series has covered an exceptional amount of ground.

1. The conflict is established.

2. Civil War breaks out.

3. The aftermath, time skip, and an even larger mystery is established.

The series is scheduled for 5 issues. Tom Scioli has firmly established the plot, pace, and rules for the setting during this time. Most readers are probably fans of the original series, and at the very least probably have not followed the characters in a couple of decades. It's nice to get a clear story progression rather than one that doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

In any case, the layered visual storytelling has been building in each issue and has suddenly moved into an entirely different direction than I expected.

Following the ending of the previous issue, an indeterminate amount of time has passed. Leader-One has assumed leadership of Gobotron, a planet of Go-Bots.

There are still factions afoot, Cy-Kill is still causing problems. As well as another Go-Bot, Spay-C and his crew. A group of humans on an expedition from Earth.

I called the ending about midway through the issue and although I wasn't surprised at all by the cliffhanger. I was intrigued as to how we got to this point in the series.

It's funny comparing Go-Bot's to a series like Heroes in Crisis. In one series we see a book that's been running in place for months and in Go-Bots we have another series that has been continually ramping up the stakes in each issue.

Go-Bots #3 1/10 Ulises Farinas Variant

Go-bots #3 is absolutely worth a read. At times, it's easy to get lost following the plot. There is just so much detail on every page. The series I can most closely compare this to is Liam Sharps's recent work on Green Lantern.

The art styles are totally different but the imagination and work ethic behind the linework is just as pronounced. I notice new details whenever I flip through an issue. It's great to see a creator taking full advantage of the medium. We need more creators swinging for the fences like Tom Scioli does within this series.

Rating: 9/10

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