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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: IDW 20/20

Paul Allor (Author) • Nelson Daniel (Pencils-Cover)

Gabriel Rodriguez (Variant Cover) • IDW (Publisher)

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Last Week I reviewed Ghostbusters: IDW 20/20 and said that with context the One-Shot would have been a better reading experience for me.

This is where the context comes in, TMNT 20/20 is set presumably 20 years down the line and seems like a plausible yet somewhat sanitized view of the future of our mean green machines.

The Utrom's invaded earth and Europe was destroyed. The Turtles along with Sally Pride and her army have assembled to provide resistance.

A lot of inferences can be made by the holes in the plot. Where are Casey April, and Splinter or the rest of the Mutanimals. It's easy to assume the worst over a 20 year period.

It's a simple story but a lot of natural progressions are factored into the narrative. Leonardo is no longer the leader. Michelangelo has moved into the role and based on the direction of the Main series I'm not surprised at all. Leonardo has become a mystic, tapping into the astral plane and becoming a key infiltrator. Raph has become a general in the army and Donatello is a negotiator/diplomat.

This is a nice side story but it has some serious problems preventing it from being great. The first is that being that since this future is clearly never going to come to pass it hard to feel any connection to the events in question.

It's a well-scripted story but I'm not a fan of the narration. I sort of feel like the events recounting past should have been the actual one-shot.

Another problem with the story is that it's 20 years into the future and the turtles look identical to how they look now. It's a superficial complaint but it is jarring. There are no scars, no wrinkles or anything outside of a couple references. It's such a glaring omission that it almost feels intentional.

The biggest issue is that the story doesn't justify its $4.99 cover price. The total disconnect between any current story beats makes the story seem inconsequential. It's a good story and the art is nice despite my complaints. I'm just not sure anyone would be missing anything if they gave this issue a pass.

Rating: C

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