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Bloodshot: Salvation #9 Review

Ray Fawkes, Jeff Lemire (Authors) • Renato Guedes (Pencils)

Kenneth Rocafort (Cover Artists) • Valiant (Publisher)

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Bloodshot Salvation was one of my favorite series of 2018. I had no real relationship with the character walking into the series but every damn issue was been amazing so far. Yes, I know the series is over but I haven't finished yet. I will continue reviewing for completion's sake.

In this issue, we get an origin for Bloodshot's dog, Bloodhound. It also grants a glimpse into the early stages of the program that created our hero.

The story is set during World War I. Dr. Henry Fulbright offers to take his experimental dogs to battle in place of human soldiers in the front lines. The pitch is that the dogs are extremely durable can withstand the gas, some gunfire, require little sleep and can see in darkness. Fulbright offers a no-cost test run to which the Lieutenant accepts.

The experiment works and allows the British soldiers to advance and take the German position.

Unfortunately, one of the dogs gets trapped in barbed wire and Fulbright decides to go back out into the field and retrieve it. He gets support from the Lieutenant and is told that he has 30 minutes to get the dog as his troops are leaving.

The Doctor sends the canines out into the field. They manage the retrieve the trapped dog but the Germans retaliate. All of the dogs are killed except one and Dr. Fulbright, forgetting to put on his mask on is gassed and dies in the field.

Seeing the value in the experiment the Lieutenant takes the surviving dog back to the lab in the hopes that someone can continue Fulbrights work posthumously.

This is an amazing single issue and a complete change of pace for the series. Jeff and Ray have managed to create a series of events that extend well beyond the superhero genre but manage to remain engrossing.

I would suggest this issue to anyone, even those that traditionally don't have an interest in comics.

The linework from Renato Guedes is masterful. Every page is beautifully rendered and has a photo-realistic quality. It's appropriately grimy and captures the war setting with stark blacks, grays, and tans contrasting with the otherworldly appearances of the canines.

It's a quick diversion from the main series but manages to add a ton of depth to a character that traditionally wouldn't get much spotlight. Who would have imagined that an issue spotlighting a dog would be one of the best single issues of the year?

Rating A+

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