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The Green Lantern #3 Review

Grant Morrison (Author) • Liam Sharp (Pencils) • Steve Oliff (Colorist)

• Liam Sharp & Steve Oliff (Cover Artists) • DC Comics (Publisher)

Jae Lee & June Chung (Variant Cover) • Get it now (Amazon)

I saw the cover for this issue and immediately chuckled. Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp have a lot of moxie. It's hard to stroll past a cover in which Green Lantern is staring down a god and declaring him under arrest.

The story is just as insane. The planet has been shrunk down and sold in an auction to an alien slaver that resembles the Hebrew God of the old testament.

The Green Lantern Corps breaks up the illicit activities but the twist is that the earth's inhabitants are perfectly fine with being enslaved. I'm sure there is some meta-commentary here somewhere.

Even after the Slaver is revealed to be a hideous Lovecraftian monster, the planet's leaders still remain enthralled which leads to Hal putting the earth under house arrest until it comes to its senses.

This issue is dense and there is a ton of action, humor and plot advancement swirling about. I admire the audacity of this creative team. I read most of the book mouth agape at the proceeding events. Hal Jordan as the straight man is hilarious and this take on the character grows on me with each passing issue.

Liam Sharp and Steve Oliff are magnificent in this issue and are quickly becoming one of my favorite creative teams. Liam's style reminds me of a blend of Neil Adams and Ethan Van Sciver. It's great company to be in league with.

There have been so many ideas and unique concepts presented in these three issues that it may seem overwhelming. This can be good or bad depending on your storytelling preferences.

All in all, this is a fun read and one of the most unique series on the shelves today.

Rating A

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