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Catwoman #5 Review

Joelle Jones (Author-Pencils) • Laura Allred (Colors)

• Joelle Jones, Laura Allred (Cover) • DC Comics (Publisher)

Stanley "Artgerm" Lau (Variant Cover) • Get it now (Amazon)

After being somewhat befuddled by the direction of the previous issue, this one is pretty straightforward for better or worse. We pick up from the cliffhanger. Selina breaks up an attempt on her sister's life while the governor's wife, Raina Creel murders him and makes it look like a suicide. She injects him with the drug, Narssistrine, which paralyzes the user and thickens internal organs to the point of death.

Selina fends off a group of hospital orderlies but is eventually overwhelmed and knocked unconscious. The governor's son is given the task of giving the drug to Selina but fails when she escapes and gets the drop on him.

I enjoyed this issue a lot more than the last and based on this one I'll probably pick up issue #6 to see how the arc concludes. The conspiracy surrounding the governor and his wife is intriguing. The story draws you in and it's hard not to be invested considering how dramatic the issue is.

The downside of the comic is that it reads really quick and although the comic is interesting it's hard to justify the 3.99 price point. It doesn't feel worth it despite the beautiful art direction of Joell and Laura. This issue may simply be better read in trade.

It's a great read but needs a bit more meat on the bones.

Rating B-

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