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Electric Warriors #1 Review

Steve Orlando (Author) • Travel Foreman (Pencils)

HI-FI (Colorist)• Travel Forman & HI-FI (Cover Artists)

Bengal (Variant Cover) • DC Comics (Publisher) • Get it now (Amazon)

This book should have been released under the Vertigo umbrella. Not sure why it wasn't but that was my general impression after reading it for the second time.

One thing I do appreciate from DC Comics is that instead of pushing huge line-wide events every few months they push smaller scale mini-series highlighting characters or concepts that would not have received any attention otherwise.

Electric Warriors is one of those series. It has no obvious connections to any current ongoing outside of tangential references here and there. I'm not sure how successful the series will be but the premise is interesting.

At some point in the future, there was a universal calamity that leads to the Animal kingdom gaining dominion over the planet and humanity being enslaved. The book opens with humanity being given the opportunity to represent Earth as one of the Electric Warriors.

A collection of planets inhabitants that are giving political clout via competitive combat. Our lead, Ian has a xenophobic abrasive personality and hates the animal for their past misdeeds.

His brother, Oscar Navarro is slated to represent humanities as co-holder of the electric seed with a representative from the Octopus Tribe. Oscar and Ian are often mistaken as twins although they were not born at the same time. After, failing to talk to his brother out of leaving the family, Ian has Oscar attacked. He then takes his place in an attempt to avoid his mother losing her "Good" son.

This is a really good story and I like that it's presented as a stand-alone miniseries as opposed to an ongoing. It's also a risky proposition considering the current state of the comic industry.

The characters and designs are all cool with the exception of the lead character design. It looks weird and not in a good way. The colors and overall art direction pop and really mesh well with the futuristic setting. Electric Warriors is a nice overall package that's off the current beaten path in comics.

I get the impression that Steve Orlando definitely has a story here. With slight changes this series would feel right at home coming from Image Comics. I can tell he's relishing this opportunity.

It's a decent, well-written start and despite minor gripes here and there with some of the designs, I can't really fault the issue. There aren't any standout moments in this comic but the series has a lot of potential for greatness going forward.

Rating: B

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