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Justice League #17 Review

Scott Snyder (Author) • Jim Cheung (Pencils) • Tomeu Morey (Colorist)

• Jim Cheung, Mark Morales & Walden Wong (Inks)

• Jim Cheung & Romulo Fajardo Jr. (Cover Artists)

Alex Sinclair (Variant Cover) • DC Comics (Publisher)

Previously in Justice League...

Back in the 90's there was a running subplot in X-Men: The Animated Series in which Magneto and Professor X were depowered and stranded in the Savage Land. They were forced to work out their differences and survive in a hostile environment. It was one of my favorite arcs of the series and was totally detached from the main plot during the season it aired.

In Justice League #17 we are presented a similar situation with the unlikely pairing of Lex Luthor and Martian Manhunter. Without hyperbole, we may be looking at a strong early contender for the best single issue of the year.

I know the spoilers for the issue are everywhere but out of respect for the creators and the major twists found within I will avoid a bulk of them here. These are two characters I most certainly would have never paired together. It was hard to imagine at the outset of the issue that it would come together so well. Even the scheme of the cover hints at a deeper connection with the greens and purples bleeding together into a beautiful tapestry.

There is a lot of character building, world building, menace and revelations throughout the issue. Justice League #17 is extremely well paced and even though there is a ton of info dumped throughout the book, it's never boring. I was initially concerned when Snyder switched from writing Batman to taking over DC's Flagship team book but the series has genuinely become one of the highlights of my weekly pull list.

Jim Cheung and Tomeu Morey can do no wrong. I say that in each of my Justice League reviews and I mean it. The inks here also flesh out the atmospheric personality of the issue. I rarely call out the inkers but this exceptional issue. It's a very bright yet surprisingly dark comic and the inks punctuate every panel found within the book. All involved need to be mentioned.

Tomeu is the best colorist working in comics today and he deserves special praise for his work elevating every series that he's attached to.

Rather than spoil the comic here I will post a video addendum next week and go in-depth into the issue. There are a lot of potential ramifications for both sides of this conflict. I'm still a relative noob to DC comics lore and this issue managed to catch me completely off guard.

Kudos to all involved this was a great ride.

Rating: A+

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