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Unnatural #7 Review - Salvation in the form of a Devil

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Mirka Andolfo (Writer-Artist) • Gianluca Papi (Color Assistant)

Arancia Studio (Translation) • Stjepan Sejic (Variant Cover)

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I love that there's always forward momentum in this series. Something is always happening to push the narrative forward. There is always urgency that makes me fearful of missing an issue because I could miss something important.

We pick up with Leslie and Khal on the move. Most of the team put in place to protect them have been killed or captured. Our leads are on the run again and are running short on options. While attempting to escape we're given a glimpse into how powerful Leslie can be when she unleashes the power she is holding back. We also get some setup into a potential betrayal next issue.

Although there are a couple of big shockingly violent moments in this comic, this issue is the closest we've come to feel like filler. There is some character building between Leslie and Khal and I can see a friendly relationship developing between them. I'm assuming they will get together romantically but It's not a lock. This series is unpredictable and none of the characters ever appear to be totally safe. The dialogue also continues to improve after the shaky moments earlier during the series.

I'm also happy that the book dialed back on the sex and nudity. I'm all for mature content but it seemed like it was being inserted for the sake of, rather than because it was necessary for it to move the story forward. The issue is better for it.

The next issue will be the end of the second arc. This segment of the series has pretty much boiled down to a chase with brief moments of exposition. I'm expecting the next issue to go badly for our characters before the final arc begins.

Even as a filler chapter Unnatural #7 is still better than 90% of mainstream comics on the shelves today.

Rating 8.5/10

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