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Freedom Fighter's #1 Review

Robert Venditti (Author) • Eddy Barrows (Artist)

• Eddy Barrows & Adriano Lucas (Cover Artists)

Ben Oliver (Variant) • Adriano Lucas (Colorist)

DC Comics (Publisher) • Get it now (Amazon)

I literally had no idea what Freedom Fighters was when I picked it up last month. I saw that Robert Venditti (Hawkman, X-O Manowar) was the writer and had the fierce visage of Uncle Sam staring me down and I was sold on the look alone.

The book is extremely dark. I hazard to say its the darkest comic I've read since X-Men: Age of Apocalypse storyline from the '90s. This series is also set in an alternate timeline. In this scenario, the Nazi's won WWII and in doing so extended it's the sphere of influence to America. All seems lost until a new group of Freedom Freedom fighters reveal themselves publicly.

If you're a fan of historical fiction you've seen or heard of this alternate timeline before. Think Wolfenstein mixed with Superheroes and you have Freedom Fighters.

I am reading this issue a month after the book was released and still want to be purposely vague about plot details. That being said the opening of the series totally subverts expectations and delivers us into an extremely grim situation by the end of the issue.

Freedom Fighters #1 was a great read and I'm totally on board with seeing how this story develops. The designs from Eddie Barrows are imaginative. The world is bleak and the art direction completely captures the atmosphere of the setting. The stakes are set immediately and the reader will immediately be keenly aware of what the cost of failure is for our heroes. The creative direction for the issue is amazing.

It's not a unique plot but it grabs you by the throat and forces you to pay attention. I'm pretty sure I've read similar stories before but Robert does a great job pitching this world and I've always been a sucker for a good pitch.

Rating: A

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