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Wonder Woman #57 Review

James Tynion IV (Author) • Emanuela Lupacchino (Pencils)

Romulo Fajardo Jr. (Colorist) • David Yardin (Cover Artist)

Jenny Frison (Variant Cover)• DC Comics (Publisher)

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Wonder Woman #57 was a really hard issue for me to acquire which coincidentally is the reason it took me so long to finish "The Witching Hour Event". I hit 4 local comic shops and they were all sold out before I finally purchased the Jenny Frison Variant on eBay for double the cover price. Yeah, I could have probably pirated the comic but I try to do the right thing whenever possible.

Wonder Woman #57 pretty much validates my opinion that Justice League Dark #4 was filler and completely unnecessary. The comic also marks a return to form for James Tynion IV. He's a great writer but even the greats swing and miss occasionally.

Wonder Woman falls into the possession of The Witch Mother who uses her physical body and the bodies of the other Witchmarked women to attack the League and the rest of the world.

While the battle in the physical plane is taking place. A sliver of Diana's consciousness remains trapped in limbo with Witchfire as they try to work out possible solutions. The rest of the Justice League Dark team get more to do with John Constantine stealing the spotlight.

There's a funny gag in the comic making fun of how neutered he has become as a character over the years.

The art direction is also a lot more appealing in this issue with the scenes jumping between locations and the tones of the issue offering more variety than the last issue of this event. In part 3 every panel seemed to have a weird orange tint that made the comic pretty bland to look at even though the linework was solid.

I'll probably finish off this series this week. I'm looking forward to polishing this one off. The Witching Hour storyline is a solid event even though it's gone on a little longer than necessary.

Rating: B

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