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Eric Henson's: Eden #3 (of 4 ) Review - Newsprint isn't supposed to look this good

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

• Eric Henson (Author -Pencils)• Michael Babinski & Ross Doan (Inks)

Benny Fuentes (Colorists) • Alterna Comics (Publisher)

Eric Henson's Eden #2 was an absolute joy to read and this issue is even better than the previous installment. 

I missed the first part of the story but I never felt that I never missed anything. This issue is solid on its own and does a great job of filling you on the situation and the stakes going forward. I'd be surprised if anyone reads this issue and puts it down, uninterested in the outcome. 

Picking up from the conclusion of the previous issue, Christian is mortally wounded. Neriah and Kla'Tuu take him to see a healer and then she continues on her mission to save her son. 

The second half of the comic rests with the villainous Ghost and Neriah's son, Avion. This segment of the comic is the most interesting part of the book. Parallel to the event we also get an extremely satisfying action sequence. I won't spoil the comic in this review but I will say that the conclusion is somewhat cliche. It still caught me off guard and left me excited for the final installment.

The art direction is gorgeous. The character designs are unique and the varying shades of blue and green tones are a calming contrast to the violent and oftentimes horrific events portrayed throughout the issue.

I believe that Eden #2 was my first Alterna Comic review. Comics like Eden really challenge the notion that mainstream comics have to be 3.99 and up. This issue is of excellent quality in regards to art, story The difference in paper quality between a Marvel book and the Alterna Comic newsprint standard is negligible.

It's pretty amazing that Peter Simeti and his team have found success with this model considering the sheer amount of money that mainstream publishers ask for weekly from their consumer base. 

Eden is an amazing read so far and does a lot of character and world-building in this series. On top of the of the excellent storytelling the editing is also worth propping out. The series is the model of efficiency and I honestly have no complaints about this issue. We need more comics like Eden.

Rating 9/10

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