• Baraka


• Joe Dunn & Ben Dunn (Author) • Carlos Tron and Redi Trio (Pencils)

Tony Galvan (Colorist) • Antarctic Press (Publisher)

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At the outset of this review, I have to mention that this is one of the strangest comics that I've ever read and I'm not being hyperbolic.

Ultimately your enjoyment of this comic will depend on much entertainment you get from the novelty of seeing the 45th president in a funny book.

I can't decide if the comic is designed to honor Trump or lambast him. He gets a bit of both in this issue. Arguments can be made from both perspectives. The story gave me a few smirks while reading but there wasn't anything particularly memorable. Some of the art is decent throughout the issue but the stories are lacking.

I have "The Barack Panther" as well as "The Barack Panther Vs. The Tremendous Trump" and both of those issues are objectively better than this one. It really has a hard time deciding on what it wants to be.

Falling within the trilogy of books, The Tremendous book is worth having in your collection as a novelty and conversation piece. It's a comic that is totally off of the beaten path and although it's not perfect it's definitely worth a few minutes of your time.

Rating: C

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