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James Tynion IV (Author) • Romulo Fajardo, Jr. (Colorist)

Jesus Merino, Fernando Blanco & Miguel Mendonca (Pencils)

David Yardin (Cover Artists) • Riccardo Federici (Variant Cover)

DC Comics (Publisher) • Get it now (Amazon)

After a couple of middling issues, The Witching Hour ends up nicely with one of the strongest conclusions to an arc I've read in recent memory.

Let's start with the negatives. I feel that the Witching Hour event probably could have been reduced to 3 parts or have been released as a single graphic novel. I know that these crossover events are designed to increase interest in multiple titles but when the story starts to fill padded fans notice and with comics costing between 3.99-4.99, filler issues are almost painful. If Wonder Woman #57 and Justice League Dark #4 were removed entirely I'm not sure how much content would have actually been missed from the story.

The key strength of the series is the strengthening bonds between our heroes. Zatanna and Wonder Woman are both strong and extremely powerful. They feel like co-leaders and it great to see their character growth and rapport as the series moves forward.

The Hecate is given a truly sad and tragic origin story. Her motivations are understandable and relatable. She was worshipped for her magical abilities and then imprisoned when the wonder assigned to her prowess turned to fear.

I think that the defeat of the Hecate was plausible but with the JLD going against god-like entities the solutions to these crisis's need to be more imaginative. Plot armor isn't a serious problem yet but could easily turn into a crutch if the threats continue to escalate.

The art is on par with the rest of the event. Everything looks great but there aren't any blockbuster moments rendered. Nothing jumped out as offensive either. It was nice to see the upside-down man again as he is one of the creepiest villains I've seen In a DC comic to date.

Overall The Witching Hour was a serviceable diversion. It works in solidifying the direction of the Justice League Dark team. I do appreciate that DC comics contains these events to one or two series and not pulling the entire line into the mix. If The Witching Hour had been a Marvel event there would have been 50 meaningless tie-ins and 100 variant covers.

This issue was great and despite the stated gripes, the comic worked to tie the entire event together into a satisfying conclusion. It also works as a great double sized single issue. Not sure how memorable this event will be long term but its a sterling reflection of the potential of the series and characters therein.

Rating: Single Issue A

Rating: Event B

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