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Legends of Log: Tales from the Backwoods (Review)

"Ski" Suharski (Author) • Bob Berry (Cover Artist)

• Erik Benson, Bob Berry, Simon S. Brom, Joel Gomez, Scott Larson, Kenneth Leinaar, Ian Miller, Lorenzo Palermo (Pencils)

Giant Comics (Publisher)

I happened upon of Legends of Log in an Alterna Comic advertisement. I had no idea what to expect but the key selling point was a 60-page fantasy tale for $1.99. It sounded like a great value and for 2 bucks and I couldn't pass it up. 

Legend of Log can be best described as a collection of short stories featuring the title character in the vein of the Vampirella and Heavy Metal Magazines from the '70s and 80s. 

The stories are written by "Ski" Suharski and features a talented assortment of artists. The stories are fun, interesting and all spotlight the "Legend of the Northwood" in some fashion.

The comic is listed as a mini-comic and is closer to an ashcan than a normal 8x/10 comic book. It's a different format but can compete with any book on the shelves in regards to content and world building.

"Legend of Log" could easily translate into an animated series or Tabletop RPG. I'm happy that new ideas and concepts are still experimented with in comics. It's really hard to assign any heavy complaints to Legend of Log. There is a ton of passion and heart in this book.  

The $1.99 price is a great entry point. Marvel recently released a 60 page X-Men comic for 8.00, this issue is objectively better than that one. 

Books like "Legend of Log" and publishers like Alterna Comics prove that there are alternate paths to get comics in the hands of consumers and for that reason, they should be celebrated and propped out whenever possible. 

Rating A

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