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Stranger Things #3 of (4) Review

Jody Houser (Author) • Stefano Martino (Pencils) • Lauren Affe (Colorist)

Aleksi Briclot (Cover Artist) • Darkhorse Comics (Publisher)

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Stranger Things #3 almost broke me as a fledgling reviewer. I would have stopped reading the series but I'm 3/4 of the way through so I decided to plug along.

I've detailed the problems with this series already and this issue just compounds things. Will Byers story, in theory, should be the most interesting part of the series. I'm not sure if Jody Houser's hands are tied by the story she is allowed to tell but this comic is infuriatingly linear and lacking in any suspense or imagination.

Even when something happens out of the ordinary the series breeze's past it just to get itself on track. I've never read a comic this inconsequential. The series is proof that an excellent cover is no indication of the overall quality of a book.

It's a cliff notes version of Season 1. You as the reader already know what's going on in the real world so the only enjoyment you'll be able to pull from the comic is novelty or maybe a conversation piece when discussing the show with friends.

This really kills any motivation to review the book. If the comics were a dollar or 2 it wouldn't be so bad but at approximately 16.00 for the entire series Stranger Things feels more like a cash grab than an attempt to create a creative narrative.

The art for the issue is just as drab as the storytelling. The colors are fine and keep the overall atmosphere consistent but the linework seems to be portraying the same scenes over and over again. Stranger Things unfortunately, is a completely monotonous affair.

Rating D-

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