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Justice League #8 Review

James Tynion IV (Author) • Mikel Janin (Pencils-Cover)

Jeromy Cox (Colorist) • DC Comics (Publisher)

Jim Lee, Scott Williams & Alex Sinclair (Variant)

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Justice League #8 picks up immediately with the cliffhanger that the previous issue ended on. Lex Luthor has imprisoned The Batman Who Laughs beneath the base of the Legion of Doom.

The issue is primarily a dialogue between the two villains. It's not an action-heavy issue but still manages to be interesting. The Batman Who Laughs is a fun character and it's cool to see James Tynion's take on the character.

The downside is that in this issue Bruce sounds more like Joker in a Bat suit rather a Jokerize Bruce Wayne. Nevertheless, the issue is solid as the series pivots into its second major story arc. I'm still unacceptably behind on this comic which is a shame because every issue has been really good so far.

The art direction is on par with the rest of the series. There isn't much action in the issue but what's there is fantastic. There is an amazing scene with Black Manta and Cheetah that deserves mention.

The colors are great and although the book does have some lull's the issue is worth your time. Nothing is particularly bad, the comic just seems uneventful despite the hype surrounding the interaction between Lex and The evil Batman.

Rating B

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